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A multi-robot social group-based search algorithm is developed using MATLAB to simulate a group of robots detecting and tracking a target moving in linear, non-linear and random walk motions. Three algorithms are investigated: 1) a robot search algorithm proposed by Goldsmith and Robinett2, 2) a Standard search algorithm using a multi-radial search function and dispersion behaviour, and 3) a Voronoi search algorithm using a Voronoi decomposition of search space prior to the commencement of multi-radial search. The robots are divided into two social groups: an aggressive searching alpha ( )α group, and an energy conserving, less active, beta ( )β group. Please refer to the user guide for detailed information.


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1.0 robotSearch-1.0.tar.gz 14K 50826b2368ea6183fcf2f54a4b122df4
ANSI C, Serial Software

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svn checkout svn://opensource.ihpc.a-star.edu.sg/robotSearch/trunk robotSearch

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RobotSearch is the main program of the four provided, and is the driver file used for the multi-robot social group-based search algorithm study. It involves initially placing robots in the plane that will search for a target that moves in a linear, nonlinear, or random-walk manner. The robots perform a multi-radial search if they lose track of the target, and this involves a voronoi decomposition of search space for efficient searching: robots are placed at the CMs of their respective voronoi cells. If the robots become too dense, then an inverse-square force law governs their dispersion such that they are more evenly distributed throughout search space. The robots should cover search space adequately and converge towards the moving target without becoming too congested.

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